White knuckle ride…

Whether you think you’re ready or not, just start right now.  There is magic in action.

Over the last 2 years we have transitioned from small business owners, to novice investors. The biggest challenge to this new occupation is weathering the storms of dramatic change that can occur in the stock market. Take a look at this chart of the last 4 weeks and the stomach churning volatility… in large part precipitated seemingly by the Federal Reserve’s whims. It does not seem healthy to have a bureaucrat’s opinions have such major control over the free markets.

Much of the week was spent showing the RV to a couple of different interested parties. We wound up selling her to a family from Sacramento… Ron, Dillon, Dana & Chloe Rilsager… the new owners of our Allegro Bus. Great to see her go to a young family, ready for new adventures!
I was smiling when Ron told me about his garage that would easily accommodate the bus completely enclosed.
Happy to see her continue to be loved and well taken care of.
After the sale of the motorhome details, we returned to completing the laundry room. Here trying to work out the utility sink area concepts.
Since we set up the new laundry inside the main house, we were able to move the “older” machines to the bungalow and complete the laundry there. I think this will be super convenient for Ben and Beth, as well as whoever may stay in that space in the future. I frequently send Cindy photos of items needed from Lowes or Home Depot since she enjoys shopping much more than I. Teamwork!
Always looking for new trails to ride and explore… here along Middle Creek Trail & road where I found an old stone bridge, long since collapsed.

The week ahead looks like it will be rainy & cold here in Redding. We are putting in an offer on some property adjacent to Ben and Beth’s home as an investment and potential home/barn site for the future. Also now shopping for replacement RV’s to continue our exploration around the US. May go down to San Francisco also to see that Lagoon 450. Should be a good week with lots of great options.

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